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A Bill to Stop Wanton Waste is Live

Hearings by the House Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife Committee on H.357, a bill to ban wanton waste of wildlife, are schedule for March 12. This is a very important step to passage. Please take one of these actions:

1. Call and leave a message of support for the bill with the Statehouse Sergeant At Arms 802-828-2228. Call between 9 and 3 on March 12th.

2. Write to the Committee expressing your support for the bill. Copy and paste these addresses into the "To" line of your email. These are Committee members.,,,,,,,,,,

3. Attend the hearings at the Statehouse on March 12

Here is a one page info sheet on the bill.

Defined as killing, or attempting to kill, a wild animal with no intent to consume the meat for food or to make use of the fur, wanton waste reflects a dark and usually invisible underside of contemporary hinting culture.

Wasteful killing happens year-round in Vermont. The evidence is in the piles of dead crows or coyotes killed for “recreation” or target practice, and  left to rot where they died. Perpetrators often rationalize such behavior by telling themselves these animals are “vermin.”