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You Can Attend Board Meetings and Address the Board Directly

The Board meets monthly, usually in Montpelier on the third Wednesday of the month at 5 pm, and their meetings are open to the public. Because they skip some months, it is best to check the FWD website about the scheduling for any given month.


Board agendas can be found at the link below. Be aware that the FWD usually posts agendas at the very last minute.


As of October, 2016, a short section of Board meetings has been set aside for public comments. Depending on the size of the meeting, comment period per person can range from one minute to approximately 5 minutes. The Board tries to restrict comments to issues before the Board. These public speaking opportunities usually happen an hour or more into the meetings, and you have to sign a sheet prior to the public part of the meeting to be recognized to speak.


Attending a Board meeting is important for several reasons. If there is a hot issue before the Board, a “public” point of view will influence them more strongly if many people actually attend and speak to the issue. Even when hot issues are not on the agenda, it’s good to remind the Board that they serve all Vermonters and not just trappers, hunters and anglers. You presence there does that. If you can’t attend, send them an email or letter.


You can observe Board meetings, even if you can’t attend in person. How? Because Board meetings are now videoed and readily available.


In the fall of 2016, Onion River Community Access (ORCA), a non-profit media access organization, began videoing FWB meetings for the first time and now they are on record and available for public viewing statewide at most community media access sites. These videos can be accessed through the ORCA and other public media websites, and through the websites of VWC, Protect Our Wildlife Vermont, Humane Society, and Green Mountain animal Defenders.