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Meet Vermont Wildlife Coalition

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Mail -- VT Wildlife Coalition, PO Box 987, Shelburne, VT 05482

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About the VWC

The statewide Vermont Wildlife Coalition (VWC) consists of citizen volunteers and seeks a broad membership that consists of individuals and organizations from across the state that share an interest in the future of Vermont’s wildlife. We engage in political action that above all supports humane conservation approaches. The VWC receives no funding from state or federal sources, but does welcome donations from the public to support its work.


Our Mission

To ensure a vibrant and protected future for Vermont’s wild species through wildlife-centered public education and political action.

Our Goal

The Vermont Wildlife Coalition’s goal is to create and foster public education, and influence statewide political action, in order to promote humane, unbiased and science-based behaviors and policies towards wildlife, and support a conservation ethic aligned with 21st Century ecological and socially responsible principles.


Our Convictions

 The VWC supports:

  • Full public participation (multiple and diverse stakeholders) in wildlife governance including means for citizens to become informed and engaged in decision making

  • Wildlife governance that produces multiple, sustainable benefits for all beneficiaries

  • The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies' push to help state fish and wildlife departments "transition and transform so they can more effectively serve the needs of all citizens and all fish and wildlife."

  • The intrinsic value of wildlife. As sentient beings and as vital contributors to the health of our ecosystem, wildlife should not be viewed solely as a resource.

  • The right to ethically hunt for sustenance.

  • Opposes trapping except when it is done to address a public safety concern, and is performed quickly and when all possible non-lethal measures have failed.


Issues & Objectives

  • Support transparency in government

  • Support education of and participation by the public in matters of wildlife conservation

  • Work to diversify representation on the VT Fish & Wildlife Board by including both consumptives and non-consumptives

  • Make the VT Fish & Wildlife Board an advisory, not policy-making body within the VT Department of Fish & Wildlife

  • Oppose the current unregulated practice of so-called "nuisance" wildlife control, i.e., in situations where human-wildlife conflict occurs, performed by unlicensed wildlife control operators.

  • Promote non-lethal approaches to addressing human-animal conflicts

  • Support regulated coyote hunting season so coyotes are no longer hunted year round

  • Support ending the limitless killing of crows for target practice

  • Advocate for trapping reform measures

  • Support diversified funding for wildlife management

  • Work to promote a VT Department of Fish & Wildlife culture grounded in 21st Century wildlife governance principles